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What are the ProBleu calls?

ProBleu funding is all about schools taking the lead in teaching kids about protecting our oceans and freshwater. Over three years, ProBleu will offer support to at least 100 schools for exciting projects. Schools can get up to 10,000 euros for projects that last up to a year.

The ProBleu funding initiative supports primary and secondary schools as essential champions in educating children and youth about blue sustainability and the safeguarding of marine and freshwater ecosystems. Across a three-year span, ProBleu will unveil a series of calls on its website, offering financial backing to empower a minimum of 100 schools in crafting an array of educational and citizen science projects.


Results will be announced on July 8. The third call will open in September 2024. Stay updated by subscribing to our newsletter!

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Be ready for the next Call!

VERY IMPORTANT: The guidelines and documents may undergo slight changes from one call to the next. Please, be aware that the following documents are provisional for now. They will be updated when the new call opens.


Download the Call for proposals

Consult the bases to understand and prepare your project. (2nd funding call document, closing 30th April) .

Prepare your answers

Prepare the mandatory documents in English:

(2nd funding call documents, closing 30th April) .


Form Submission Upon Call Opening

Once the call opens, a submission form will become available for you to provide the necessary documentation. Currently, the call is closed. We encourage you to prepare your materials in advance, so you’re ready to apply as soon as the form goes live.

Once your proposal is submitted, you'll receive a confirmation email

If it doesn’t show up in your inbox, it means your proposal hasn’t gone through. In such cases, you can file a complaint via Explain the issue and attach your proposal (and, if possible, some screenshots) to help us understand what happened.

Important notes regarding language

  • Candidates need to complete all application parts in English. If you’re not confident in English, don’t worry! You can draft your application in your own language and use automatic translation tools to convert it into English. Just remember, the ProBleu evaluation process doesn’t focus on perfect English; we care more about your proposal following the call guidelines and meeting the evaluation criteria.
  • Our online application form and project description template come equipped with a feature that can translate text into over 100 languages, but keep in mind that this automatic translation might not always be spot on. If there are any misunderstandings, it’s not ProBleu’s fault. The original English content provided by ProBleu will always be the valid and legally binding text.

Who can participate?

ProBleu Funding Calls are open to primary and secondary-level schools in the EU-27 Member States and associated countries. Consult the call bases of the call to see if your country is one of them.

While grants are awarded to schools as legal entities, active participation from students, teachers, school leaders, and other stakeholders is encouraged.

Projects should promote engagement in Blue Sustainability topics, fostering collaboration among various stakeholders, seeking partnerships with other schools, and ensuring equal opportunities for all participants.


If you need any further assistance, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)!

Check our FAQs!